About coolia

<![CDATA[Born and raised in St. Louis, I grew up in the 70s and 80s when my Cardinal heroes were Darrell Porter and Jack Clark. I felt very conflicted during the 1-70 world series due to my allegiance to the Cards and my crush on George Brett.

I went to college at Notre Dame and got an MFA at Sarah Lawrence College. I lived in NYC for 8 years, in Sydney for 1 year, and now have lived in LA for 7 years. While I love LA, I do miss living in a true sports town like St Louis and I have remained loyal to the Cards and the Rams.

I wrote a book of haiku about St. Louis that was published by Timberline Press in 2004: http://www.stlouhaiku.com

I also blog about jello at julieandjello.com and pop culture at apeculture.com

I work as an executive assistant and am also a writer. My online humor magazine is Ape Culture and I co-wrote a collection of humorous lil poems called St. Lou Haiku, published by Timberline Press in 2004.

Feel free to email me at wiskyjulie@gmail.com

I wish the Brockabrella would come back in style. Mine is autographed by Lou himself!

Go Cards!]]>


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