Supp’s Off

Jeff Suppan got a nice Christmas present from the Brewers – a 4-year, $42 million contract.  To put that in terms Brewers fans can relate to, that would buy 6,461,538 cases of Miller High Life. The Cards didn’t even come close with their 3-year $20 million offer.  You can’t blame Supp for going.  I’ll miss him, as he was generally reliable and a hero in the playoffs this year, but I wouldn’t have wanted the Cards to spend $40 million on him.  I have to hope that money can be spent better down the road, though I am worrying about what the rotation is going to look like.  Hopefully, we can hang on to Weaver.  I might still venture up to the Valley and review Soup’s Grill sometime, for old time’s sake.




    Hey, Cardinal Girl, here with Yoshiro Inu and Dar…good riddance to Soup the Dupe…after his political commentary I had to bite my lip to watch him pitch in the playoffs. Sure, I’m esctatic over his victories and I applaud anyone speaking their mind, you know, 1st Amendment and all that stuff, but I was disappointed with Soup and Warner’s public positions. I’m glad he’s gone, especially at the price it would have taken to keep him. Let’s sign Mulder to a one or two year deal and let him show the Cards and anyone else if he is healthy and deserving of a bigger pay-day down the line. I would like to see Encarnacion hit the road and an upgrade at the corner outfield positions. All projections seem to show that Duncan can’t have the same success offensively that he had last year. He never showed this kind of punch in the minors – at any level. If he falls off in the next year he will have little or no trade value. Right now an American League team could use him as a DH…I hope I’m wrong and he hits 30 home runs and has 80 plus RBI’s, but, he’s not honing his defensive skills anywhere in Winter ball and a good little leaguer could play a better left field than he can. Move Wainwright to the rotation and you have Carpenter, Mulder, Reyes, Wells and Wainwright. This is a better than average rotation and if you sign Weaver, or someone like him, (although there are few still available), then you are six deep and that’s a good thing since Mulder won’t be available for a while anyway. Even without Wainwright that leaves Looper and Thompson in the pen where they belong rather than an experiment in moving them to the rotation. The pen will be one of the league’s best. After all that , there would still be a little money left to spend. Anyway, we’re World Champions and we can ride that wave for a long time. See yaaaaaa, ShuDog

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