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All Star Sunday

I kicked off All Star Sunday by meeting some friends at Mike Shannon’s for a couple beers. It was great to see the city so festive and full of people.  Unfortunately, it was a gloomy day. 

We had seats in the bleachers for the All Star Futures / Celebrity Softball game.  We caught the first inning and then the rain started to come down. Before long, they were rolling out the tarp onto the field and my friends and I were forced to purchase these attractive Cardinal ponchos.


We passed a three-hour rain delay in the stadium, chatting with other fans and catching up.  Then the rain stopped and they resumed the game around 5:30pm.  I watched a couple more innings.  I cant say it was particularly exciting since the stadium was pretty empty and I wasn’t familiar with the players.  The biggest cheers were for Cardinal future star Brett Wallace, who walked twice while I was watching.

I had to leave in the middle of the game due to family dinner plans. I’m from St. Louis so I wanted to catch up with folks while I was in town for the festivities. I was a bit disappointed to not get to see any of the celebrity game.  I’m a Nelly fan, so I was pleased to later see him on the highlights for his diving catch and home run. 

I did see Billy Bob Thornton at the airport when I left town, so I guess that could be considered to make up for it, but since his pants were falling down and he had plumber’s butt, it was really more than I wanted to see.

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