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Vote for Edgar – He’s in the Top Ten!

EdgarIf you’re reading my blog, please show support not with money or comments, but with something much easier – click on this link and vote for my dog.  Edgar is competing to be the new spokesdog for Lassie Natural Way dog food.  He’s currently #6 and if he ends up in the top two, I’ll get a year’s supply of dog food, and he’ll have a chance to be in a commercial and on a dog food bag.  You can vote once a day until the contest ends on Monday.  With the support of Cardinal Nation, I am confident this little dog who looks like Whitey Herzog can be a star!


Vote for Edgar – a Canine All-Star!

Img_0095Those of you who read my spheroid will be familiar with my pooch, The Edgar Winter Dog, who I won on an Animal Planet TV show called Who Gets the Dog. Well, Edgar is trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame by winning a contest to be a spokesmodel for Lassie Natural Way dog food. If he wins, he’ll get to be on a commercial (I hope he doesnt have to run from a chuck wagon…that would be so undignified) and also be on a dog food bag. Plus his mummy would get a year’s supply of dog food which will leave her a lot of extra money to spend on Cardinal gear! Please take a moment and follow this link and vote for Edgar.  After all, he looks just like Whitey Herzog and fields the ball much better than Ronnie Belliard!

Cards Lose Ugly…Again…

Watching these last few games has been stressful. My stomach churns the way it usually does in the playoffs when we stop hitting.  After seeing Ponson give up 6 runs and look sweatier than Elvis during his Aloha from Hawaii Via Satellite special, I turned the TV off and went to dinner.  Over a delicious St. Louis style pizza at Ponticello’s, I declared to my dad that I had pretty much given up hope on the Cards this year.  I didn’t really mean it, but I was feeling dejected.  I just couldnt reconcile how a team that had started so hot, and kept up the heat when their star player was out, could collapse and begin to look just like their lowly cross-state opponents.  After dinner, I was surprised to hear the score was 6-5, and the Cards were coming back.  Then Jimmy hit that homer, and I really felt a lift.  Then we somehow failed to score a run after having runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs.  I was then sure we’d lose, and we did – you’d dont get another chance after fouling up that, er, royally.

Sweep Leaves Cards Red-Faced

RetireelunchWell, sooner or later, the Cards were going to get swept in their new stadium. The Reds beat us while we were down, and we slipped out of first place. Ape Culture‘s curmudgeonly film critic Art Haarper, a longtime Cards fan, put it well:  "They are suffering from ARS (Albert Removal Syndrome).  The major symptoms are weak pitching and a general lack of offense.  It is quite similar to the AIS (Albert Ineffective Syndrome) they suffered in the last couple of playoffs." 


Welcome to Cardinal Girl

My co-editor over at apeculture.com thinks I should start a baseball blog.  She gets tired of hearing me drone on about Cardinal stuff the way Mike Shannon does after one too many Busches.  So here go…fasten your jockstraps and batting helmets, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.