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Best in Baseball!

The Cards closed April with the best record in the league. Today, they beat the Nats to bring their record to 17-7.  The Cards broadcasters said this was the team’s best start since 1944.  Whoa!  The team is really firing on all cylinders and has been a lot of fun to watch. 

I’ll admit it’s just May 1 and I’m already way behind on my haiku. But I’m committing to write a haiku about each game this season so I will diligently go back through the game recaps and write haikus until I catch up.  Then the haikus will get better, I promise, because they’ll be of the moment. 

I signed up for MLB TV this year instead of the cable package but I’ll admit I’ve barely used it. I find I’m in my car during a lot of the games, so I am loving the MLB iphone app.  I get to listen to the Cards’ broadcasts on KTRS for every game.  This is only $9.99 for the season. Occasionally, it cuts out, but overall it’s been great. Highly recommended for iphone users. 

Go Cards! Keep up the great teamwork!