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The Cardinals’ Magic Number is…



New Year, New Team

"We change, whether we like it or not"

      — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy New Year everybody!  I am personally delighted to see 2007 end, although I can’t say I’m overly enthused about the Cardinals’ prospects for 2008.  I’ll try to keep an open mind but I’m going to be bitter for a while over Jim Edmonds being traded.  I mean, I had to modify the description of my blog to delete his name – that signifies a big, hard change. 

I do wish Jim the best with the Padres, and I know, realistically, his career was ebbing. But I will miss the acrobatic catches and the clutch hits, and, well, I’ll just miss looking at him. I also think we should have been able to get something more for him. 

I’ll miss So Taguchi and his Japanese media entourage.  I’ll really miss the Little Eckstein That Could.  It seems there will be a lot of new Cardinals to get used this year, and I am sure there are more deals on the horizon. 

Well, I’ll try to be optimistic about things and get over losing Jim.  I’ll be visiting St. Louis to attend the Winter Warm Up in a couple weeks, so that should inspire me. 

Thanks to Jim, David, and So for all the great Cardinal memories, and good luck with your new teams!


"If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?" Lynyrd Skynyrd asked.  In the case of David Eckstein, I think most of Cardinal Nation would respond "**** yeah" and hold up their lighters. 

David joined Kip Wells, Miguel Cairo, Russell Branyan, and Troy Percival in declaring free agency.  A couple months ago, I was tipped off by a neighbor who works with David’s wife here in Hollyweird that David might be moving on.  I didn’t post about it because I was hoping it wasn’t true, and I still hope the Cards can come to terms with David. 

It’s true he may have been injury-prone recently, but nobody on the team better personifies the Cardinal spirit than the little Eckstein that could.  I love his hustle.  Many players today like to stand at the plate and admire their hits before running, but David charges up that line even after a walk. He’s a spark plug that ignites the team. 

Wrestling with Eckstein

KurtangleESPN reports that wrestling superstar Kurt Angle got some BP instruction from Pujols today.  Angle was invited to Spring Training by David Eckstein, a big wrestling fan who recently managed along with A. J. Pierzynski at a pay-per-view event. 

I hadn’t thought much about wrestling since I was in junior high until two weeks ago when I attended Lucha Va Voom in LA.  It’s a biannual spectacle involving Mexican wrestling, comedy, and burlesque that plays to sold out crowds.  The burlesque routines involved cirque du soleil antics, hula hoops, and pogo sticks. It’s truly an extravaganza beyond Vince McMahon’s wildest dreams.

Back in junior high, I was big wrestling fan. My favorite wrestler was "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and I once called in and read a poem I’d written about him when he appeared on a KMOX chat show hosted by Bob Costas.  He was promoting Wrestlemania 2, when he boxed Mr. T.  Roddy responded to my breathlessly-read love poem with some lewd remark, and Bob stated very sarcastically that he found the poem deeply moving.  I still hold a grudge against Costas

Click here to read my wrestling poems for "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Jesse "The Body" Ventura. 

Spring Training haikus coming soon!