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Not-So-Clean Sweep!

Wow, this was a heckuva series against the Reds.  The Cards had to rise to the occasion, and boy, did they – with hitting, pitching, and fire in the bellies.

Something about Tuesday’s brawl reminded me of this scene from The Last Detail (warning: bad language). It’s all about flaring tempers and strong words, nobody really gets hurt, but Jack gets a total feeling of exhilaration from the altercation. 

That type of adrenalin rush seems to be what happened to the Cards. After being the center of the fight with Brandon Phillips, Yadi hit a home run, and the Cards just rolled from there, right back into first place.

There’s not much to say about Phillips’ inane comments about his hatred of the Cards. It certainly wasn’t professional or very sportsmanlike. But if that’s what it took to get the Cards riled up enough to finally play with some fire, then I’m glad he mouthed off.

Now bring on the team Phillips prefers to the Cardinals – the Cubbies!


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Cubs fans scramble on 

Waveland, scooping up Pujols’ 
homers. He hits three!

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