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Carpenter is back. So is CardinalGirl.

Hello dear readers, CardinalGirl is back! I have a goal to be a faithful blogger for the remainder of the season. OK, there will be about 10 days where you won’t hear from me because I’ll be out of internet and cell range at Burning Man, but other than that, I’ll be here! 

It’s not that I haven’t been paying attention to the Cards. I have, somewhat, and I’ve been impressed at their performance overall and glad to see them in the thick of the chase in what we all expected to be a rebuilding year.  I’ve just had a very busy summer.  First off, I met a fella, who doesn’t like baseball but has enough other good qualities that I can overlook this (and perhaps he can be trained).  Secondly, I’ve had some visitors from St. Louis and New York, so I’ve been playing tourguide. Check out my pics from Disneyland and Legoland.  I threw a birthday party for The Edgar Winter Dog, with a doggie cake and an agility trainer giving lessons to Edgar and his canine pals. I also took a trip to Albuquerque and Roswell, where I attended the UFO Festival.  Work has been busy, and I co-captained the Google team at the Santa Monica Relay for Life (we raised $12,000 to fight cancer – it’s not too late to donate!) and led the planning on the Google Santa Monica and Irvine offices joint summer picnic, which we had at Long Beach on Friday.

Phew!  I’m out of excuses. If Carpenter can come back from Tommy John surgery, the least I can do is write some daily haikus.


Keep Your Finger Off the Panic Button

It always amazes me how the awesome Cardinal fans can turn surly so quickly.  I half-expected to hear some radio call-in folks demanding that Albert be traded due to his very slow start this week.  But luckily, Sir Albert snapped out of it today with a homer and a hit, and Scott Rolen also had two hits. 

The offense has certainly been weak, with the exception of today’s 10-run blitzkrieg in Houston.  Only Duncan is off to a hot start.  Obviously, we aren’t going to win many games putting up just 1 run. 

Pitching brought some highs and lows this week.  The big concern is Carpenter and his inflamed elbow. The latest news is that the swelling returned after his workout yesterday and he’s now been scratched from Tuesday’s lineup (who will take his place? Joaquin Andjuar may be available.).  The thought of Carpenter being out for an extended period of time is terrifying, but at least Wainwright and Wells have been performing like aces-in-waiting. 

So, I’m not inclined to panic.  Yes, we got swept by the Mets, but we took the series from the Astros in Houston, and I’m confident this ship will right itself. 

I’m in St Louis this week, home for Easter, and thinking about going to Friday’s game if it warms up a bit.  This is the coldest Easter I remember.  Kids were finding it hard to pick up easter eggs with their mittens on today.  Lots of bobbling in the field, kinda like we saw from Preston Wilson this week.

Cardinals’ Division Series Rotation

A friend of mine gave me this insider tip and I just had to share it!

Cardinals’ rotation for Division Series

Game 1: Carp
Game 2: ****
Game 3: ****
Game 4 (if necessary): Carp
Game 5 (if necessary): ****