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Game Haiku – 06/12/10 – Diamondbacks 7, Cardinals 2

My first trip to Chase 

Field is marred by a shaky
Ottavino start. 

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Game Haiku – 06/08/10 – Dodgers 1, Cardinals 0

I’m #38. I try harder.

urrea.jpgThe June stats posted on the MLBlogosphere show Cardinal Girl at #38 among the fan blogs. Thanks, readers!  In May, I was #45 so I’m on the rise. Now if I would just write haiku more than once per month, who knows where I might be?  

I had a hard time finding a Cardinal with #38.  Jose Cruz wore #38 for the Cards, but I couldn’t find a pic of him that showed it. So here is John Urrea who I was not familiar with. He pitched for the Cards from 1977 – 1980. His full name is John Goody Urrea. Baseball Almanac doesn’t have much to say about him, but I love the entry on him in Cardboard Gods

Game Haiku – 06/06/10 – Brewers 4, Cardinals 3