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Game Haiku – 4/5/08 – Cardinals 5, Nationals 4

Wainwright is sharp, and
Kennedy contributes on
offense and defense


A Wild One at Wrigley

Wow, what an exciting game today!  It reminded me of the playoffs last year – when the Cards had a "never say die" attitude.  They just kept coming back today and eked out the victory.  It sure feels good to actually win a series at Wrigley for a change. 

Almost everyone contributed on offense today, which was necessary since Wainwright gave up 7 runs (can’t totally blame him though…the wind was not his friend).  It was great to see Edmonds get his first homer.  Kennedy ripped a double that brought in 2 runs. Duncan hit a homer. Pujols hit the game-winning 3 run homer in the 10th.  But I’d have to give star of the game honors to Scott Rolen who went 5 for 6, a new career best for him. 

The Cards handed the ball to Izzy with a 2-run lead in the 9th, but he allowed the Cubs to tie the game.  I won’t sound the alarm bells on Izzy for that one – the Cubs scored those runs on a crazy pop up that appeared to be foul then drifted back into play and just out of reach of several Wilson, Miles, and Pujols who were all giving chase. 

The Cubs broadcasters pointed out something curious:  The Cards have scored 10 runs or more for the 3rd consecutive Sunday. 

Sunday, Aprl 8 – 10 runs in 1 game
April 9 – 14 – 9 runs in 4 games

Sunday, April 15 – 10 runs in 1 game
April 16 – 23 – 12 runs in 6 games

Let’s hope we can break the pattern and keep the run production going strong this week. 

Keep Your Finger Off the Panic Button

It always amazes me how the awesome Cardinal fans can turn surly so quickly.  I half-expected to hear some radio call-in folks demanding that Albert be traded due to his very slow start this week.  But luckily, Sir Albert snapped out of it today with a homer and a hit, and Scott Rolen also had two hits. 

The offense has certainly been weak, with the exception of today’s 10-run blitzkrieg in Houston.  Only Duncan is off to a hot start.  Obviously, we aren’t going to win many games putting up just 1 run. 

Pitching brought some highs and lows this week.  The big concern is Carpenter and his inflamed elbow. The latest news is that the swelling returned after his workout yesterday and he’s now been scratched from Tuesday’s lineup (who will take his place? Joaquin Andjuar may be available.).  The thought of Carpenter being out for an extended period of time is terrifying, but at least Wainwright and Wells have been performing like aces-in-waiting. 

So, I’m not inclined to panic.  Yes, we got swept by the Mets, but we took the series from the Astros in Houston, and I’m confident this ship will right itself. 

I’m in St Louis this week, home for Easter, and thinking about going to Friday’s game if it warms up a bit.  This is the coldest Easter I remember.  Kids were finding it hard to pick up easter eggs with their mittens on today.  Lots of bobbling in the field, kinda like we saw from Preston Wilson this week.

Civil Rights Game Highlights

I’m watching the Civi Rights game on my new HD TV as I type this.  It’s very exciting to have HD in time for the season. Unfortunately, I don’t have Direct TV so not sure how many games I’ll be seeing…grrr…

Cards are looking ready for Opening Day tomorrow.  Great to see Albert hit a towering homer, and Molina has 2 hits so far.  Many contributors to the current 5-1 lead in the 5th.  Wainwright looks sharp, and it was funny to see him help his cause with a single that scored two. 

I plan to live blog during tomorrow’s Opening Day game.  See ya then!

Out of the Shadows

Woohoo!  Cards win! The team that most thought shouldn’t be in the playoffs at all now takes a commanding lead in this division series.  And who would have predicted Weaver would lead the Cards in a shut-out victory?  He looked awesome, and the bullpen came through, too.  I wasn’t sure about Tony’s choice to take Johnson out when he was dominating in the 8th, but it worked out. Wainwright was steller in the 9th.  Not a ton of offense but Pujols and Edmonds came through when we needed them. 

One note of annoyance:  could Chris Berman be any more biased toward San Diego?  It’s been irritating watching him call these games as his voice raises several octaves anytime it looks like the Padres might score.  I checked his bio and it says he lives in CT so not sure why he’s behind the Padres. 

Here’s hoping Sup can finish things off on Saturday, and, if not, we know we’ve got Carp ready to go on Sunday.  I really hope I don’t get to use my Game 5 tickets.