The Cards West Coast Swing – I Was There!

Sorry this post is a little late but just wanted to share a few thoughts and photos from the Cardinals’ recent West Coast trip. I live in LA and was able to attend three games.

Wednesday, May 11

IMG_1174It was my boyfriend Dave’s and my 8th anniversary so we celebrated at Disneyland and then the Angels/Cardinals game. Parking was really easy because the game was not very crowded. We walked around the stadium and checked out the food choices. I was impressed at the craft beer options. Our seats were field level, in shallow right field, on the Cardinals side. I got the tickets off Goldstar and saved about $15 per seat.  Garcia pitched well and the Cards won 5-2. There were many Cardinals fans in attendance. One Cardinals fan was even kind enough to pull me aside and tell me the score of the Blues playoff game, happening at the same time as our game.  The Cards went on to sweep this series. It was nice to see Albert Pujols again. I harbor no ill will toward him – after all, I left St Louis to live in LA too. I am glad to have had both living experiences even if they didn’t come with millions of dollars.

Friday, May 13

IMG_1201Due to Friday traffic, we arrived at Dodger Stadium just before the national anthem and briefly checked out the Cardinals bobbleheads on display in the massive bobblehead collection at the stadium. We had seats on the field level, similar to our seats from Wednesday night. They were in the first row behind the section with table service, so they were very close to the field. We had three foul balls come to our section but not close enough to catch.  This game was sloppy as hell, with four errors, including three from Diaz. Wacha got shelled.  The Cards lost 8-4. Amazingly, no Dodger fans rubbed the loss in our faces.  Once again, there were many Cardinals fans in attendance, particularly in our area. It was Friday Night Fireworks so we stuck around and watched them from the field, which is always fun. We also met some nice folks visiting from St. Louis who were sitting behind us and figured out that we probably played CYC softball against each other back in the day in North County.  I got my seats off Stubhub for less than face value.



Sunday, May 15

IMG_1310I was really worn out from getting very little sleep at a Relay for Life fundraiser the night before, but I rallied. I got some cool seats off Stubhub – front row in the corner of field level, right next to the Cardinals bullpen. It’s not a great view of home plate and sometimes was hard to tell when the ball had even been hit, but it was still an interesting angle. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch a ball but we did get some cool photos. We were about an hour early for this game, so we wandered the stadium and visited my friend and fellow MLB blogger Emma up at the top deck. Love the view from there! Most of the game was a tight pitchers’ duel between Wood and Leake but Yadi cued a rally with a two-run double in the 7th inning.  Rosenthal stressed us out as usual in the 9th but managed to get the save and the Cards won 5-2 for their only win of the three-game series. Once again, all the Dodger fans were friendly or at least ignored us. When I went to the bathroom after the win, a young gal in Dodgers’ shirt and cap actually wished me “Good game.” I have had a few intense moments with Dodger fans during playoff games but generally I enjoy the games there and have no qualms about wearing my Cardinals gear.

With the way the season is going, I don’t think I’ll be seeing the Cardinals in the playoffs out here, but of course, it’s too soon to tell. Our offense looks great but defense and pitching keep letting us down.

Click here to see all my photos from these games. 




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