On Getting Swept

It hurts – getting swept. It took me days to recover from the emotional loss of Game 2 and from witnessing it in person. I tried to put on a brave face. I even bet $50 on the Cardinals on my way to Vegas before Game 3 started. But the Cardinals couldn’t get anything going in Game 3. I watched most of the game in the Circus Circus sports bar, with cackling Dodger fans hooting and hollering. Fortunately, I won my $50 back on video poker while sitting there. And then I drowned my sorrows with a 100 oz margarita in a guitar-shaped container (OK, I couldn’t drink the whole thing…and it was way more sugar-high-inducing than alcohol-buzz-producing).


It’s a shame to have such a good season get snuffed out so quickly, but the Cards had not been doing well in the last month and couldn’t seem to regain their championship spirit. And, let’s give credit to the Dodgers – they are a terrific ball club with a great coach.  I will root for them now, because I do live in LA, and plus it’ll make the Cardinals’ defeat sting less if the Dodgers win the World Series πŸ˜‰

I will be cheering for Notre Dame in their game against USC today from the comfort of my home rather than an LA sports bar. I need a break from the LA fans for a while. Go Irish!


One comment

  1. kingmansperformance

    GO USC! πŸ˜‰ I say this as a Dodger fan with strong ties to the Midwest because that’s where my parents are from. Your Cardinals did pretty well this year and from this side, I can say I know it really sucks to be swept because you have done it to us so much. I have always rooted for the Cardinals second after the Dodgers because of our family’s roots in Illinois and Indiana before we came to California. Good luck next year. I am also a proud Trojan alum (sorry) and remember you seem to have had more Trojans on your 2006 world championship team than from any other school. I also follow what Notre Dame is doing a bit more than usual, since Jimmy Clausen is from our neighborhood. Good luck the rest of the way.

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