Tragic Loss of a Great Cardinals Fan and Teacher

sr elaine.jpgI was very sad to hear about the tragic death of one of my high school teachers, Sr. Elaine Lamm.  After coming home from Friday’s Cardinals game around midnight, Sr. Elaine stepped off a tour bus in front of the convent and was struck by a car and killed. Another sister whom I didn’t know, Sr. Mary Francis Wiederholt, was seriously injured.  Sr. Elaine was 64.

The Post-Dispatch story on the accident is here.  It doesn’t have much detail yet. Nothing is being reported about the driver.  I feel sorry for the driver too. The whole thing is just tragic. 

Sr. Elaine taught Math and Science at St. Mary’s Academy in O’Fallon, MO (now defunct – I was in the last graduating class in 1990).  She touched many lives there and in other schools, throughout her long career.  I’ll admit that during school, we sometimes made fun of her nerdiness, but we all appreciated the things she taught us. And I had a special appreciation for her creativity. One year for Halloween, she attached various kitchen utensils and other implements to her outfit and called herself “Miss Elaine-eous”. 

After we graduated, a friend of mine accompanied Sr. Elaine on a trip to Appalachia where they worked with the poor.  Sr. Elaine had a great passion for social justice and worked toward it.  She was an inspiration to many and will be greatly missed.

The last time I saw Sr. Elaine was at my 15-year reunion in 2005.  We talked about the Cardinals. I mentioned I was still a fan and a blogger. We had a detailed conversation about the state of the team and areas where she thought we were strong and areas that needed work.  It does not surprise me that she would be taking one of the more elderly sisters to the game.  I can imagine she spent the bus ride back talking about the team’s problems, given the 11-4 loss, but I’m sure she was hopeful. The sisters love the Cardinals and have prayed them to many a win! 

My condolences go out to Sr. Elaine’s family and to the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood


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