I felt the earth move under my feet…

Whoa, it seems everything is conspiring to keep me from catching up on my game haikus. Here I am, writing haikus, and the building starts to shake.  My pictures start rattling against the wall.  My pendulum light fixtures sway.  The dog wakes up and barks.  The building creaks.  Yes, we’re having an earthquake.  And it wasn’t a tiny one – 5.0 and the epicenter just 6 miles from my condo.  No damage reported yet, but it did scare me a bit. And that’s the first one in my 6 years out here that did scare me.  Yes, it’s just the danger of living in LA…but then if I still lived in MO there’s a little fault out there too…

I recently went to the Egyptian Theater and saw “Earthquake” shown in sensurround.  I think I prefer the fictional experience.



One comment

  1. juliasrants

    I’m glad you’re okay! We have fault lines here in Massachusetts also. A couple of years ago, we had a much smaller quake then you – and it was the strangest feeling. I hope there aren’t too many aftershocks.


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