Trip to Petco Park


Tuesday, I drove down to San Diego from LA to catch the Cardinals game. Unfortunately, I picked the one game of the three they lost, making me 0-2 this season.  I was really impressed with Petco Park – very cool place to watch a game. We were sitting in field level seats, between third base and left field.  As usual, there were quite a few Cardinal fans in the house.

Foodwise, I sampled their big hot dog which was probably the biggest I’ve seen and cost like $7 or something insane like that. It was good but nothing really special – not up to the Dodger Dog level.

I think the coolest aspect of Petco Park is the construction that incorporate the old Western Metal Supply Company building into the stadium, so there are actual luxury boxes in the building.  They shot off some nice fireworks when Kouzmanoff hit his game-winning 3-run homer, but of course I wasn’t cheering.  I’d love to go back next season when the Cards visit – hopefully with a better outcome.  


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