Mamas, Do Let Your Babies Be Held by Giant Seals


I spent the
weekend in San Francisco
and went to see the Cards vs. Giants game on Sunday.  I was accompanied by
some friends who brought their 5-week-old son Gus to his first baseball
game. Of course, I had to buy Gus a “My First Cardinals T-Shirt” for this
occasion.  You have to indoctrinate them
while they’re young. 


At one point, the
Giants mascot, Lou Seal, came to

our section, and I asked him if he would pose
for a photo with Gus. He looked me up and down – Cardinals hat, Cardinals
shirt, red Converse shoes, and made a hex sign as if to say “Back off,
Satan.”  He then relented

and motioned
for the baby.  Fortunately, he had hands
not just flippers and was able to hold Gus securely for this cuter-than-cute
photo.  Gus began screaming upon looking
into the face of the enemy mascot, thus demonstrating he is already developing Cardinal
pride (or maybe Lou smelled fishy?). 


I really
like AT&T Park. It’s a great place to watch a
game, and you can’t beat the garlic fries. 
After jumping out to a 2-1 lead, Joel Piniero went off the rails in the
4th inning, giving up 5 runs before Tony yanked him in favor of Brad
Thompson.  It’s a bummer that Joel’s
return from the DL didn’t go smoother. 
Linceum was tough for the Giants, striking out 11 (note the Ks on the wall behind me). The Cards did fight back, with a homer from Ludwick to bring
the score to 7 – 4.  We threatened in the
8th inning.  Tony let Pujols
pinch hit with men on 1st and 2nd but a passed ball
caused the runners to advance, leaving first base open so Pujols was
intentionally walked.  We also threatened
in the 9th , but with two men on, Ludwick and Duncan looked at called 3rd strikes. They disputed the calls but I couldn’t pass judgment from where I was sitting.  Of course, I believe our boys. It was a giant conspiracy.

Anyway, it was an exciting game and a fun day
at the ballpark, so I’m not complainin’ – and neither was Gus, the newest member of Cardinal Nation!



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