Who Says LA Doesn’t Like Sports?

Man, I wish I would have
attended the exhibition game at the LA Coliseum on Saturday.  The Red Sox
beat the Dodgers 7-4 in front of a crowd of 115,300 – the largest crowd
to ever watch a baseball game!  This game is one of many events this
year that will commemorate the Dodgers’ 50th anniversary of their move
from Brooklyn to LA.  The team played at the Coliseum for 4 years until
Dodger Stadium was ready. My dad was living in Lancaster, CA at that
time, working for McDonnell Douglas at Edwards Air Force Base, right
around the time Chuck Yeager was there pushing that little orange plane
of his to the limit.  My dad saw a few Dodger games at the Coliseum. 
Anyway, I should have gone to be a part of history, but by the time I
got around to looking for tickets, only standing room was left and I
wasn’t too excited about dealing with the traffic nightmare.  If you
were there, leave a comment and tell us how it was.


One comment

  1. sddodger

    Hmmm…someone you know posted an invitation to anyone who needed tickets a couple of months back. In fact there’s a great report about that game to read that was written by that same person. 🙂

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