Let’s Play Ball!

Yay, Opening Day is upon us…let’s play ball! I have to say I was
distracted lately with other stuff and spending a lot of time on my pop
culture blog writing about American Idol, so I really didn’t pay
attention to Spring Training.  The Cards had a decent spring, with a
17-10 record, the third best in the National League. Reading Matthew
Leach’s column on the outlook for this season
, I realize I have a lot
to learn about this team. As he points out, only 8 players on the
current roster were also on the 2006 world series team.  My hopes are
not the highest, especially when I look at our pitching rotation. With
Carpenter, Mulder, Clement and Pinero still not available, we’re going
to be struggling. We can only hope the offense comes up big and with
Duncan, Ankiel and Pujols, there’s a good chance it will.  I’ve ordered
up my MLB Extra Innings package on my cable so I can watch a lot of
games here in LA and hopefully be a more faithful blogger and haikuist.



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