Restaurant Review – Soup’s Grill

Img_2953Finally, there’s a restaurant for Cardinal fans in Los Angeles!  At long last, Jeff Suppan has opened his restaurant/sports bar – Soup’s Grill – in Woodland Hills.  A new story on describes the long road to this opening, but I can report it was definitely worth the wait.

I work with a good friend of Jeff’s, and he told Jeff I would be coming in.  Jeff came up to me as soon as he saw my Cardinal shirt and said hello. He was super-friendly and even gave me and my friends a personal tour of some of the memorabilia.  You don’t need a connection to talk to Jeff, as he is spending quite a bit of off-season time at the restaurant and chatted with many of the guests. He buzzed around the restaurant, keeping tabs on the kitchen, the bar area, and even wiping off some tables.


Jeff showed us the displays of the 2006 National Championship and World Series Rings. He said some folks were shocked to see them, thinking he had cut his rings up for the sake of displaying them in the restaurant.  No need to worry, he said, as they had all been given these displays along with the rings.


Jeff pointed out the dugout section which he said he wanted to recreate the feeling of actually being in a dugout for fans. The wall of the dugout is lined with autographed photos, many with funny quotes. Scott Rolen wrote, "Your cheesesteaks are better than your curveball."


Cheesesteaks are a specialty at Soup’s Grill, as Jeff’s parents hail from Philly.  I tried one and thought it was really tasty and as good as any I’ve tried in Philly.  The menu features all the sports bar favorites, lots of choices of sandwiches and salads.  We split a piece of dulce de leche cheesecake for dessert which was also yummy. 

St. Louisans will be glad to know Bud Light is on draft, along with Harp, Stella, Sierra Nevada and a few others.  There’s also a wine list. The baseball wall behind the bar was definitely eye-catching. 

Img_2965 The restaurant is packed with memorabilia from Jeff’s career, including lots of Cardinals stuff.  Even the back stairway is fully decorated. Here we discovered an autographed picture of Jim Edmonds’ dramatic behind-the-back catch.  Jim had inscribed, "Don’t hang this in the back. It’s probably my best ever."  Haha, Jimmy, it is in the back, but the stairway should be more trafficked soon as plans call for a roof deck expansion. 

Service was friendly and quick, even though the restaurant was at capacity when we arrived. If you have to wait for a table, you can sit on authentic seats from old Busch Stadium in front of the restaurant.


Img_2963I definitely recommend Soup’s Grill as a great spot to watch a game and enjoy a good meal, and be on alert because that busboy over there might be Jeff Suppan himself!

Visit Soup’s Grill at 21028 Ventura Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA. 


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