"If I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember me?" Lynyrd Skynyrd asked.  In the case of David Eckstein, I think most of Cardinal Nation would respond "**** yeah" and hold up their lighters. 

David joined Kip Wells, Miguel Cairo, Russell Branyan, and Troy Percival in declaring free agency.  A couple months ago, I was tipped off by a neighbor who works with David’s wife here in Hollyweird that David might be moving on.  I didn’t post about it because I was hoping it wasn’t true, and I still hope the Cards can come to terms with David. 

It’s true he may have been injury-prone recently, but nobody on the team better personifies the Cardinal spirit than the little Eckstein that could.  I love his hustle.  Many players today like to stand at the plate and admire their hits before running, but David charges up that line even after a walk. He’s a spark plug that ignites the team. 


One comment

  1. Joshua

    i think pretty much any true baseball fan would like to have a David Eckstein type. hes a lifetime .286 hitter with a .351 OBP. thats not outstanding but the kid plays with heart. thats what has always and will always made this game great.

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