Torre! Torre! Torre!

Joe Torre got a 1-year contract extension from the Yankees and promptly told them they could stick it. I love it.  True, maybe this is what the Steinbrenner family wanted Torre to do, since they lowballed him on the offer, but it’s still great.  The Boss gets away with a lot of abuse, but his threat to fire Torre in the middle of the division series if the Yankees didn’t win (and they didn’t) was way more of a distraction than a motivator and just plain disrespectful.  Like Farrah Fawcett in The Burning Bed, Torre reached a point where he couldn’t take the abuse anymore, and now it’s the Bronx that’s burning.

Everyone thinks TLR is on the short list of candidates for the Yankees job.  Some are saying he wouldn’t be able to handle the media.  I’m still hoping Tony stays with us but I can see where he’d be tempted to take on the ultimate challenge.


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