WhiteoutTurn and face the strain….ch-ch-changes…

So your reclusive blogger returns and will hope to document the off-season better than she documented the season.  Maybe this season is best left undocumented?

I didn’t pay very close attention to the Cards in the 2nd half of the season as I was dealing with a lot of heavy stuff.  So I don’t have a lot of insights to share on the Cardinals’ collapse.  It just seemed like a cursed season from Tony’s DUI to Carpenter’s injury to Hancock’s shocking death to all the other injuries to Mulder’s inauspicious return and on and on.  It’s amazing we hung in the race as long as we did, and, obviously, that’s only due to the overall weakness of our division (and the Cubbies sure went out of the playoffs with a whimper…). 

Now I’m upset about Walt Jocketty’s firing and worried that Tony will leave, too.  I feel both of them brought a lot of success to this franchise and, lest we forget, a World Series championship just a year ago.  Sure, there are times I’ve questioned them – and times when Tony’s overthinking infuriates me – but I’d rather have LaGenius managing this club than anyone else I can think of (unless, Whitey, can we coax you away from fishing?).  Maybe if Tony goes and the Yankees lose and Steinbrenner has to make good on his evil promise, we can hire Joe Torre back?  That wouldn’t be bad. 

Oh, I did have some fun this summer even without baseball.  Check out my pics from Burning Man.


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