Josh Hancock, 1978-2007

JoshhancockAs I left the LA Times Festival of Books this afternoon, I called a friend in St. Louis who told me that Josh Hancock had died in a car accident early this morning.  Like all of Cardinal Nation, I am stunned and saddened.  It is hard to accept tragic news like this once, much less twice in 5 years. 

Josh had only been with the Cardinals since last season, but he had established himself as a reliable member of the bullpen and a friend to many on the team.  He contributed to last year’s championship team, appearing in 3 postseason games.  If there is any consolation, it comes in knowing that he did win a World Series ring in his brief 29 years of life, something many players never experience. 

My sincere condolences go out to the Hancock family and the Cardinals family.


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    My heart goes out to the Family & Friends of Josh. I can’t imagine what they are going through. I also want to say how sorry I am to the Cardinals & to all of the St. Louis Fans.When someone well known passes on it is very hard, but up to us to keep him alive. May you rest in Peace Josh.

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