For Die Hard Fans Only

CardsurnThe St. Louis Post-Dispatch had an interesting story yesterday on the new official MLB caskets and urns.  These urns and caskets are being manufactured by Eternal Image. The urns come with an indentation in the lid to allow for display of your dearly departed’s favorite autographed baseball. How decorative!

8 teams are currently available – Yankees, Phillies, Cardinals, Cubs, Braves, Red Sox, Tigers, and Dodgers.  All teams will be available by next year.  Check them out at the Eternal Image site.  These urns are already so popular that the first run sold-out and they’ve had to rush a second run into production.

Here I was planning to save up for a KISS Kasket, but now I’ve got another option.  Life is full of difficult decisions..and so is death.



  1. Bruce

    You know, three years ago, when we were picking out an urn to put my mother’s ashes in, I half-jokingly mentioned(mostly as a defense mechanism, I guess) that I wanted to be buried in an urn with the Cards logo on it. And without missing a beat, the funeral director told me that she could make it happen. Now I know she can…

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