Cards reach .500!

Wow, that was an exciting game tonight!  I turned it on after watching American Idol (see my other blog for my weekly Idol recaps). It’s great to see a quality start from Randy Kiesler.  Of course we will miss Carp while he’s on the DL (thankfully it looks like he won’t need surgery just rest for arthritis and an impingement), but I do feel good about all the quality starts we’re getting from the rest of the staff. 

In the top of the 9th, with Eckstein on second and Duncan on first, Pujols hit a long fly ball that would have gone out if things were going better for El Hombre.  Still, it was good enough to advance both runners. Then Spiezio came to the plate, still recovering from yesterday’s bout with food poisoning, and smacked a single into right field to bring home the two runs and tie the game.

Thompson caused stress by getting into trouble in both of his innings, but he managed to recover and pitch his way out of jams. Hopefully, this appearance will do wonders for his confidence and he can get back to the world-beating form we saw in spring training. 

In the 12th, with the bases loaded, Schumaker hit a shallow fly to left and Oquendo had Bennett tag up and head for home.  A good throw would have got him, but Bay’s throw was a bit off-center and the catcher made a late tag and then dropped the ball.  Cards take the lead 3-2, and Izzy got the save.  Of course he walked the lead-off man just to make things interesting. 😉



  1. Jaq

    I’m glad to see the Cards pulling out of the cellar. I’ll be rooting for them (as long as they don’t play my Braves!)
    Tonight was a good time at the ballpark for me. I went to my second game in one week and saw a little hurting put on to the Nats. Not quite as satisfying as two of three from the Mets but division wins are so sweet. Stay in touch!

    JB in ATL

  2. Jaq

    Definitely baseball over Idol…priorities people!! Besides there’s more REAL talent in the MLB. Keep the haikus coming by the way, it may inspire me to write my own.

  3. Julie

    Oh come on, there’s room for both Idol and baseball, plus I think Sanjaya will be called in to pinch hit if the Cards experience any more injuries 😉


  4. Tiffany

    I’m sort of sad I know who Sanjaya is. Especially because I’ve never watched a whole episode of American Idol in my life.

    The main question is, though, what if were a playoff game vs. Idol? There, you HAVE to go with Cardinal baseball.


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