Waiting for Edmonds

Today’s Post-Dispatch included a Jim Edmonds interview that was less-than-encouraging.  Aren’t Monday mornings hard enough without having to read about Jim saying that he probably won’t be ready for opening day?  Well, my initial gloom has turned to acceptance.  It’s better for Jim and for the Cards if he takes a little more time rather than risk another injury by rushing things.  This news definitely leaves some open questions about the starting lineup for the outfield, especially since we’ve yet to see Juan Encarnacion back in action (any day now, they say). 

On the positive note, Braden Looper pitched 4 scoreless innings today, and Rick Ankiel broked out of a mini-slump with a homer and a double.  Tony has always had faith in him – who knows, with these pesky outfielder injuries he may be testing that faith in Ankiel sooner than he planned.

Oh, and I had dinner at Ozzie’s.  Review coming soon.


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