Spring Training Photos

Jayrandolph_1 I’ve posted all of my best Spring Training photos in an album here on the blog.  Check ’em out.   

It was good to watch the game on Channel 5 today and see Jay Randolph again.  When Mike Shannon stopped by for a while, that was a true 80s flashback.  All that was missing was "Celebration" playing in the background. 

Carpenter looked his usual worldbeating self today.  Too bad Tyler Johnson and Josh Hancock let the Braves scalp ’em.  Yes, it’s only pre-season, but the bullpen is becoming worrisome now that we know Josh Kinney will be out for the season. 

If anyone wants to see a full report on Jupiter’s Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum, I’ve put up a story and lots more pictures on my pop culture site, Ape Culture.



  1. Brady

    1. I’m back!!

    2. I wouldn’t worry about the bullpen too much. Johnson and Hancock aren’t big parts of the relief pitching. Brad Thompson is the key, and Rincon should do well. Russ Springer ought to contribute, as well. Things will come around.


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