Burt Reynolds – Cardinals Fan

My attempts to make Sunday a day of rest from Cardinal fandom failed.  My dad and I visited the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum, located at the junction of US 1 and Indiantown Rd here in Jupiter, FL.  The museum is unlike any I’ve ever visited. It basically houses everything anyone notable ever gave Burt, from his people’s choice awards to a canoe used in Deliverance (the one film where I find him to be a hottie), to autographed photos from everyone from Frank Sinatra to Luke Perry to tons of honorary deputy and sheriff badges. 

There’s a corner of the museum devoted to sports memorabilia.  Did you know Burt dated Chris Evert?  She gave him a trophy from one of her tournaments, and she had it engraved: "I won it for you."  In the sports nook, there were several pieces of Cardinal memorabilia. 


There were three Stan Musial autographs – this poster was inscribed "Always enjoyed your restaurant".


Mark McGwire donated an autographed photo, cap and bat.  The photo read "from one athlete to another."  You may recall Burt played college football for Florida State. 


The museum has some art – oil paintings of Burt. Yes, Mr. Reynolds sure could fill out a wetsuit. 

A full report on the museum will be forthcoming on my pop culture site Ape Culture.

Congrats to the Cards on a 12-3 victory over the Marlins today!


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