Cards Overfish

My 2nd Spring Training game of 2007 was a great one, with the Cards jumping all over the Marlins in an 8-1 victory. 


We got to the ballpark about 2 hours early, so I walked down to the practice fields and watched the pitchers take batting practice.  It was cool to get a very close up view. 


Back in the stadium, I stood for a while over by the players’ entrance and got some pics of the players entering the field.  Most of them wouldn’t look up, but I got a few decent shots. 


TLR came out with his buddy, Bill Parcells.  Parcells climbed the steps and walked right by me on the way to his seat.  He’s taller than I expected. 


We had seats in Section 206 today, in the 2nd level up behind home plate.  They provided a great view, and we were right below the pressbox where Mike Shannon and John Rooney were calling the game for the folks at home.

Kip Wells pitched well, giving up no runs in his 3 innings.  Marlins’ starter Anibal Sanchez was really wild and gave up 4 walks in an inning and a half, yet the Cardinals couldn’t manage to convert those walks into a run. 


Colby Rasmus

The offense did get on track later in the game, with J Rod and Skip Schumaker both getting 2 hits.  Rick Ankiel had an RBI single, and Colby Rasmus smacked a double. Given that the lineup only featured two regular starters – Rolen and Molina – the offensive output was quite encouraging. 

Jolbert Cabrera did not have a great day at shortstop, with 2 errors.  Brendan Ryan had a strange at-bat in which he swung at two pitches that looked like they were going to hit him, but he did have 2 other hits.  I like watching Mike Sillman pitch. He really threw some heat with his odd submarine delivery, in an effective closing performance. 

I’m taking the day off of baseball tomorrow but will be attending Monday’s and Tuesday’s games.




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