Review: World Series DVD

WsdvdThe 2006 World Series Highlights DVD is a must for every Cardinal fan’s DVD collection.  Watching it now, 4 months later, it’s still just as exhilarating as it was live. You don’t really need to splurge for the complete box set of all the world series games, when this DVD includes all the highlights of the Cardinals’ amazing 2006 playoff run, with insightful commentary from just about everyone involved.  There are a lot of great soundbites from La Russa, Jocketty, Eckstein, Preston Wilson, Edmonds, etc.  Footage of the victory celebration caps off the video. 

The narration by Billy Bob Thornton isn’t anything special, but I guess we have a limited choice of celebrity Cardinal fans. While I’ve never quite been able to warm up to Billy Bob since the days when he was wearing a vial of Angelina’s blood around his neck, I can admit he does sound like a true Cardinal fan who understands and appreciates the game.

The DVD just runs about an hour long, but it also includes some fun extras, like the final out from the 1982 world series, clips of key plays from the 2006 playoffs, and an amusing This Week in Baseball piece about Leyland’s and La Russa’s friendship from back in 1991. 

It’s the perfect DVD to watch to get fired up for the 2007 campaign!


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