Albert Pujols – Diva

Albert Pujols certainly has good reasons to think he should have been named MVP. He had another excellent season. Many voted for him. I certainly would have voted for him.  But it was a close call with Ryan Howard, and Howard won.  They were both worthy.  So Albert can believe in his heart he should be MVP.  He can bore Diedre and the kids at home by telling them over and over how he was robbed.  He should not, however, tell the press that the MVP should be a dude like himself whose team made the playoffs. Statements like this make him seem like a big crybaby and a total primadonna.  He should give Howard credit, cause credit is due. 

I don’t even think Albert’s comment makes sense, frankly.  You can be the MVP but you still need the help of quite a few other fellas to make the playoffs.  Baseball is a team sport, after all.  Pujols sometimes resembles atlas, but the Cards would not have made the playoffs without Carpenter, Suppan, Wainwright, Eckstein, Rolen, and many other key contributors.  I think being MVP means you’re an essential part of the team, the guy who makes it happen, but it doesnt mean you’re a one-man band.

For Albert to make a comment like this only about a month after he got crucified for saying that Tom Glavine didn’t have good stuff is hard for me to swallow. It makes it seem like he learned nothing from that incident.  Somebody get this guy some counseling on how to deal with the media – fast.   


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