Jimmy Ballgame Will Be Back!

The news I’ve been hoping for all year finally came – The Cards have signed Jim Edmonds to a 2-year deal worth $19 mill!  Of course, injuries caused Jim to have a sub-par season, but his leadership is worth a lot to this team and his good looks alone are worth the money for this and many other female Cards fans.  Even when he’s not hitting, his presence in center field makes me feel more confident. He really came through in the post-season with key hits and catches, plus he played courageously, having to get shots in his foot before every game. He’s definitely a Cardinal icon and deserves the chance to finish his career with the team (not that he’ll necessarily be finished at 38…as Asia would say, only time will tell). 

Let’s hope this is the first of many smart decisions that Walt & Co. make during this off-season.



  1. yankeevmm@yahoo.com

    I felt bad you haven’t been getting messages. I’m Vince, a huge Yankee fan, I blog on bosox banter and mark it down and Ian’s before he suspended it. Nice picture and I also hate Bill Maher.

  2. jsheajr@yahoo.com

    I’m a Royals fan but, I do think re-signing Edmonds was a smart move by the Cards. I just had to comment after reading your Asia reference! Good call, Cardinal Girl! 🙂

  3. babycpht5008@aol.com

    I turned on to baseball, and the Cards games really got my attention, so that is how it started 14 years ago.When I realized who was taking center field, a more that handsome, more than adequate ballplayer with a killer smile;I decided I had fallen in love not only with the game,the team, and yes Jimmy. I go into withdrawls when the
    season ends. Whoever married that man gets my 100% of my respect for marrying someone that fine

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