A New Reason for Me To Dislike Bill Maher

Bill Maher gets on my nerves. I did occasionally enjoy his Politically Incorrect show, but I always found him to be smug and annoying.  He has a big head – literally and figuratively.  And he seems sleazy. Once I managed to get fan club tix to a Gene Simmons record release party at The Key Club, and Bill was there with some Playboy-type gal who was way too attractive for him.  He’s also been in some really bad movies – like Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death.

So it doesn’t surprise me that he would diss the Cards on Larry King Live tonight.  While talking about the election results, he commented that it reminded him of the World Series.  He said it wasn’t that the Cardinals beat the Tigers; it’s that the Tigers beat themselves, and all the Cardinals had to do was run the bases after balls were thrown away.  He was trying to make the point that the election results were more about people being dissatisfied with Bush and the war and voting for any change, rather than about any efforts put forth by the Democrats. 

It’s disheartening that the Cardinals are still getting no respect, but we fans know the truth. In honor of my jury duty which will hopefully end tomorrow, I say: let the record show that the Cardinals beat the Padres and the heavily-favored Mets just to get to the World Series, and then they beat the Tigers.  Those are the facts in this case.  The defense rests. 


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