The Onion – Cardinals Apologize For Winning World Series

The Onion has a very amusing story – Cardinals Apologize for Winning World Series.

I apologize for my lack of posting but I had to report to Jury Duty last Tuesday and had the bad luck of being assigned to a trial that was scheduled to last 7-8 days but now seems like it may last longer than that.  So I am at the courthouse all day and trying to do a little work in the evenings so I don’t fall terribly behind at work.  At least the case is interesting and I am enjoying the company of my fellow jurors.  TV lies, though – that "Order" part of Law and Order takes way longer than 30 mins. 




    One of the things I like about driving my daughter to UW Madison, and now my son to Marquette is picking up the Onion. I had never seen the on-line Sports version.

    So in that spirit, here is an “Onionized” David Eckstein quote: “I just don’t know what happened. I wasn’t trying to get all those hits. But their centerfielder falls down on one, and the ball hits the other guy’s glove, and there is that infield thing. I think on of those guys really deserved the car, not me. It’s OK I guess, but now I have to learn to drive a stick shift and everything. What a pain!”

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