The Cardinals’ Magic Number is One

Wow, I can’t believe we could win the World Series tonight in front of our home crowd.  I never expected the season to end up this way, and I don’t think anyone really did – even the team.  The resilience and heart of this team is truly inspiring.  I think their confidence is shining through in all facets of their play.  Of course, Detroit has self-destructed defensively, which has certainly contributed to why we’re sitting with a 3-1 lead, but I hope that people won’t point to that and take things away from our team.  Our playoff experience has been a true advantage. We just haven’t shown nervousness. We have been playing to the best of our ability – and really over our ability if you look at players like Molina and Eckstein who aren’t known for their batting prowess.  The team seems so relaxed, too – I’ve even caught Tony smiling a few times in the dugout during a game – unheard of!

My attention to the series has really been limited this week by circumstances beyond my control. I missed Games 1 and 2 due to being out of town for a wedding, and I watched Games 3 and 4 on tivo due to being swamped with a big offsite meeting at work.  But tonight I have nothing to do other than come up with The Edgar Winter Dog‘s costume for tomorrow’s Bow Wow Ween, so the game is going to get my full attention. 

Come on, Cards – let’s get ‘er done!



  1. Bruce

    Larry at VEB summed it up best by saying that the Cards are playing with poise; something you didn’t see much of during the regular season.


    lets win tonight and celebrate what do you say?I am sure the cardinals may agree.i love not going to school

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