Kenny Rogers – Coward of the County

Driving back from Chicago to St. Louis today, I listened to a lot of sports talk radio, and I eventually got frustrated and had to turn it off because all they were talking about was Kenny Rogers and his dirty hand.  I agree it looks like he was cheating, but he did clean up his hand after the first inning, and we failed to hit him the rest of the game anyway.  The commentators keep talking about how TLR failed to fight for his team, how the umps didn’t do their job, etc.  They are talking like we have lost the series because of this, but let’s remember, folks, we came out of Detroit tied 1-1 which is a pretty good place to be.  I guess I would rather just move on, focus on the positives right now, and have the team look forward to something they can control, or at least influence – tomorrow night’s game. 

Since I couldn’t stand to listen to talk radio anymore, I stopped at a truck stop and bought a CD – Kenny Rogers’ Greatest Hits.  Choice tracks include:

Through the Schmears
Islands in the Cream
Lubey (Don’t Take Your Glove to Town)
Coward of the County
Make No Mistake, She’s Pine
You Decorated My Ball
We’ve Got To Blight
Don’t Fall in Love with a Schemer






    maybe it was just snot; it was very cold in Detroit, and maybe just maybe, he wiped his nose on his hand


    That’s nice of you to say that about Ken Rogers Cardinal Girl, if that is you and not someone else anyway.

    Funny with the KR CD!!! 😉

    Palmero the head Ump gave a talk and explanation to the press, and he said the Umps looked at the ball and got a look at KR’s hand, and their judgement was dirt, resin and moisture.

    KR says he rubs-up practice with dirt and spit, so it could be he truth. Could be glove grease-polish whatever mixed in their with all the rest. I’ve seen other pitchers’ and players’ hands with marks on them.

    Good idea would be for all pitchers before a game to hold-up their hands so the cameras and Umps and everyone can see them. 😉

    KR would be awful stupid to put pine tar on his pitching hand where everyone could see it!! When pitchers do such things they usually have the tar on their fingers and not on the ball or bottom of their hand under the thumb where the tar would be useless as it is supposed to go on the pitcher’s fingers!!

    Pitcher’s sometimes try and hide a little tar on the underside of their bills of their caps or elsewhere. Also, if their is dirt on the ball or the resin bag then they will indeed rub-up the ball on the mound, which is legal. One reason why Umps frequently check the condition of the ball and remove worn ones from play, and Umps rub-up the new replacement balls a bit.

    Plus, who would be so blatantly arrogant and crazy enough to do something so obvious and jeporadize Postseason Games??

    Game 2 was a cliff hanger. Too much for little old me I tell you. We haven’t had any postseason play here in 22 years, so this year has been nearly a heart-attack at times. we all about died here when the Tigers lost their last 3 games to KC!!

    Good luck to your team and you have great pitching and a great team there. Leyland says without the regular season injuries the Cards would have 90-some-odd wins, mid to high 90’s and 100 maybe.

    Chris in Detroit


    and he is not a coward he is he is a……….uh i wont say it but, I am thinking worse than a coward

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