Underdogs Again

Well, Game 6 didn’t go the way we Cardinal fans hoped.  I can’t fault Carp – he pitched great. Giving up 2 runs shouldn’t be a gamebreaker.  Maine just seemed to have our number tonight.  We’d get runners on base, but we couldn’t bring them home.  The team seemed flat to me, until that 9th inning rally.  Maybe it was that red-eye flight.

Even with Suppan on the mound, we’re underdogs in Game 7.  The Mets will be fired up, and their fans will rock Shea harder than the passing 7 trains do.   We’ve just got to stay focused and keep the spirit, heart, and determination that got us to Game 7, and we’ll have a good chance to win. 

No matter what happens tomorrow night, I’m proud of this Cardinal team, and I want to give a shout out to both the Cards and the Mets for playing so hard and putting on a great series, full of surprises (homers by Suppan and Taguchi?). We certainly proved we belong in the playoffs and can contend with the best of the NL (even if some would say "best of the NL" is an oxymoron).

I can’t fault Tony’s managing at all in this series but I do have one suggestion for tomorrow night – how about starting Taguchi in left field, Wilson in right, and Spiezio at 3rd.  I know Rolen got a double at the end of the game tonight, but I just think he’s too wounded to contribute what we desperately need tomorrow – RBIs.   

I’m going out of town tomorrow through Monday to be in a friend’s wedding this weekend, so I may not be able to blog, but I’ll definitely be watching tomorrow (and hopefully this weekend if we can take care of business!). 



  1. dmedman50@yahoo.com

    By way of an intro, I am a diehard CARDS fan, as was my father before me and 2 of my children following–one of whom even has the Cardinal logotattooed on her lower back!

    I think Game 7 will hinge on whether TL can get the guys to relax a bit– my most “concerning” moment last night was watching the usually unflappable Pujols flailing at 2 BAD pitches in the top of the 8th… WE played like the Team down 3-2…

    Overall, I’m pleased–we’ve “found” a real closer (bye bye “Thrill Ride”!)in Wainwright and have gotten a few incredible clutch performances from journeyman ballplayers– typical for a LaRussa managed team!

    Go CARDS!



  2. duke.rodda@gmail.com


    don’t know if you live in nyc or not, but feel like you do…

    do you know of any nyc gatherings of cards fans around town? can’t quite afford the tickets myself, so i’d love to watch the game with other redbirds lovers.

    let me know if you’re in nyc and if you have any wisdom to impart upon me.



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