Game 5 – Live Blog

Top of the 7th

OK, sorry I’m so late.  I had organized a work happy hour and it ran longer than I expected, but I kept up on the score thanks to friends with blackberries.  And I heard Dunc’s homer on the way home!  i’m so stoked that Weaver came through with another stellar performance…hope we can finish it off for him.

Great job by Kinney.  Now we just need 6 more outs. 

Bottom of the 7th

Pujols grounds out.  Encarnacion walks. Rolen pops out.  Edmonds walks, after a wild pitch advances Encarnacion to 2nd.  The stage is set for Belliard to be a hero, but he grounds out on the first pitch.  OK, just 6 more outs…come on, boys!

Top of the 8th

Yes – Beltran strikes out!  That’s a huge out.

Delgado gets an infield single. Double by Wright – and only one out.  Time for a pitching change. Flores comes in and gets Green to fly out.  Great play by Edmonds to charge the ball and intimidate Delgado from running home.  You can’t underestimate the importance of having Edmonds back in centerfield – moments like that really emphasize it. 

If I had a rally towell, I’d be biting on it just like all those fans in the stadium. WooHoo – Wainwright comes in, gets Valentin to strike out lookin’!

Bottom of the 8th

A one-out triple by Miles, and we fail to get the run home.  That leaves me with an ominous feeling.  I don’t know why Eckstein didn’t try the squeeze again after it failed the first time, or at least hit a sac fly.  At least we get to face the bottom of the Mets order.

Top of the 9th

Chavez grounds out. One away.

Floyd grounds out to Pujols. The race for the bag made me a little nervous, but two gone!

Reyes strikes out!  Cards win!! Great gutsy relief from Wainwright, our novice closer.  And you can’t say enough about Jeff Weaver – he might be the series MVP! 




    I am so tired but,I have been watching every minute of this exciting cards game and am not about tto give up now heck we are winning.why stop watching now?

  2. Julie

    He’s only 25 – he’s not a rookie but he only took the closer role toward the end of the year – what grace under pressure!


    well he will be around for awhile.and he looks awfully good.NICE WIN BY THE BOYS!CARP TOMORROW!


    pujols is a roid head like big smack, card blow, even if ya lucky and get past mets, goin get spanked by det!!! why don’t you drug test ur illegal immigrant puhols, wouldn’t be here if couldn’t play ball, what a joke, can tell who on roids and who not,sick of hearin about joke ***!!!


    WOW, I’m amazed by Jeff’s performance tonight, although it really worried me when he became distracted in the beginning of the 4th. Man, is Kinney something or what. You can only use him one inning though, he lost his effectiveness after that. Great job by Adam also. This was definately the most important game of this series, with Carp out there tomorrow, it should be a done deal. I’m so excited we are on the verge of being in the World Series again, the first year in the new stadium,and wouldn’t it just be beautiful to win it all in it’s inaugural season, that hasn’t happened since 1923 when the Yankees won it all in the stadium that Ruth built. I’m really worried about Rolen and LaRussa not getting along, the two of them need to take 5 and one on one hash things out,because this thing of not even communicating with each other for the past 3 or 4 days isn’t good right now, and I sure don’t want it to end up with mgmt. getting rid of Rolen. Last thing, my main guys Pujols and Chris Duncan blasted the ball out. I also love to see that, I just hope that they can get Duncan to at least become a decent outfielder, then we’ll have another great player to complement the great Pujols.

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