Rain Out, Recap, and Live Blog on Tuesday

No game tonight due to rain.  I think this is good.  First of all, I have to go out tonight so I was going to have to avoid the score all night and then stay up late watching it on tivo.  Secondly, I think we need a day off to recuperate from last night’s drubbing. 

My main problem with last night’s game was the early removal of Reyes.  He wasn’t a world-beater, by any means, but he was doing okay and had only given up 2 runs, a mere 1/6th of the runs scored last night against us.  The bullpen looked scarily like it looked during most of the season – weak.  It made me wonder if some magic spell had worn off. 

On the plus side, I liked that Edmonds and Molina came back and hit home runs right after the Mets blew up the score to the point where the 10-run-rule would have been called in little league.  It shows that the team is still fighting.  I really do like our chances from here on out if we can get good performances from Weaver, Carp, and Supp (or at least 2 out of 3). 

I plan to live blog during Tuesday’s game, once again probably won’t be starting til the 3rd inning or so due to work. 


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