Game 3 – Live Blog

Top of the 1st

Well, Detroit hath swept the As.  Wouldn’t it be great if buddies Leyland and La Russa could face off in the World Series?

Suppan gets Delgado to dribble it back to the mound, stranding Beltran at 2nd.  Phew. Cards escape the 1st without giving up a run.

Bottom of the 1st

Lead-off single by Eckstein, breaking his hitless streak for the NLCS.  It would be great if he could get hot.  Doh! picked off.

Pujols singles! 2 on, 1 out. 

Another triple for Spiezio! 2 runs score!!  Good attempt by Green but you have to be Edmonds to make a diving catch like that.  Spiezio has had such a great attitude all year, ever since he dyed his Imperial red to show how excited he was to be a Cardinal.  It doesn’t surprise me that he’s coming through big.

Molina strikes out lookin’.  Whatever that pitching coach said to Trachsel must have been good.  Hate to see us leave the bases loaded but glad we’re up 2-0.

Top of the 2nd

1,2, 3 for Suppan.  Looks like he’s on his game tonight. If he was jittery, we’d have seen signs by now.

Bottom of the 2nd

Suppan homers!  Unreal.  Gooch was hard to believe, but Suppan??

Eckstein walks. Wilson singles off Trachsel’s leg.  Ouch.  Eckstein hustles over to third.  Nobody out!

Pujols walks. That’s Trachsel’s 5th walk tonight. I’m surprised the Mets don’t have anyone warming up in the bullpen.  Bases are now loaded for Jimmy. 

Darren Oliver comes in to replace the injured Trachsel.  Wild pitch scores Eckstein!  Jimmy grounds out, but gets an RBI as Wilson comes home.  5 – 0 Redbirds. 

Spiezio grounds out, fails to get Pujols home.  We forgive you, Scott.  It’s funny to see all the fans with their fake red Imperials in honor of Scott.

Rolen grounds out. Pujols stranded.

Top of the 3rd

Steven Tyler is at the game.  Odd to get a celeb sighting in St. Louis, but Aerosmith is playing UMB Bank Pavilion tomorrow night.

Reyes triples, but Suppan gets a strike out to end the inning.

Bottom of the 3rd

Belliard singles.  Molina narrowly misses a homer.  That would have been fun.  Suppan bunts.  I’d let him swing away given his last appearance.  Eckstein pops out to end the inning.

Top of the 4th

Another quick inning for Suppan.  He’s still on his game.   

Bottom of the 4th

Pujols singles, but nothing else happens.  Oliver has looked solid for the Mets in relief.  There was a slight smile from Tony during that interview.  He’s got to feel good about how things are going now and how Suppan is pitching, but he’s right that with the Mets dangerous lineup even a 5-run lead isn’t enough to relax.

Top of the 5th

By the time I got a load of wash (or as we say in Missouri, "warsh") in, the half-inning was over.  Great work, Supp!

Bottom of the 5th

Nice to see Rolen get a hit.

Poor Steven Tyler is apparently getting mobbed by Cardinals fans made bold by Budweiser, so we’re told the Stadium honchos moved him to a more secure area behind home plate.

Nice play by Reyes to grab Molina’s line drive. Glad Rolen was alert and didn’t get doubled off 2nd.

Top of the 6th

Wow, what a play by Rolen – bare-handed grab of the high hopper and gunned to first.  Even when he’s struggling offensively, it’s tempting to keep him in the lineup for that gold glvoe defense.

Bottom of the 6th

Nice interview with Larry Suppan, Jeff’s dad.  Funny to hear he has superstitions just like the players do – he doesn’t eat when Jeff is pitching.

Top of the 7th

Still nothing happening for the Mets.  Steven Tyler gets badgered again by stadium officials and is made to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."  Sorry, Steven, it’s not like a Laker game.  When we get a celeb in the crowd in St. Louis, we get a little over-excited.

Bottom of the 8th

Took a break to walk the dog.  His name is Edgar, but some call him Whitey.  Glad to see the shutout is still in place – great work, Jeff!  Funny shot of Jeff’s dad eating now that Jeff is out of the game.

Top of the 9th

Kinney comes on in relief.  Reyes flies out. One away.

Lo Duca flies out. Two away.  Fans are on their feet.

Fly ball by Beltran. Edmonds on the run makes a great catch.  That’s a winner!

Feels great to take a 2-1 lead in this series. I certainly didn’t expect a shut out, but Suppan was masterful.  Cards are firing on all cylinders…I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game. 


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