You Too Can Haiku Winner – Oct 13

Congratulations to this week’s winner, Mary Ladd!


Said it was Tony!
You didn’t believe me!
Give me a cookie!!

This haiku needs a bit of context.  Mary, a former St. Louisan and casual Cards fan, was watching this post-game coverage with me. A guy with a towell over his head was getting sprayed with champagne by the players.  I said, "Is that Tony? Nah, it can’t be."  It just seemed out of character for him. I figured he’d already have ensconced himself in the video room to prepare for the Mets. But Mary was sure it was Tony, and as this photo shows, she was right.  Check out Mary’s funny new blog about Cher and life in general, which includes a recent post on the Cory Lidle tragedy.


One comment


    Whoohooo! I am so proud to have won this week’s challenge…not just for my controversial in-you-face haiku style but for my prowess at guessing Tony by just a buttress of nose jutting out of a blue towel…and the fact that his body language told me he *still* wasn’t smiling even as champaigne was running down his neck and into his armpits.

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