Jason vs. Beltran

Jasonv Beltran2_1

Okay, given the choice of facing these two armed men, I’m not sure which one I’d pick.  How many postseason games have to be ruined for us by Carlos before we stop giving him anything to hit?

It may be Friday the 13th, but I don’t think the Cardinals will be jinxed, disembowled or massacred tonight. I always like our chances with Carp on the mound, and I saw a lot of positives in last night’s loss.  First off, my cap’s off to Jeff Weaver for a confident and dominating pitching performance.  He continues to be money.  The bullpen also held up well.  Holding the mighty Mets to only 2 runs is impressive, and we should be able to win games like that.  Of course, I didn’t really expect us to beat Glavine, so I’m not surprised by the outcome.  Obviously, we have to start hitting, and Rolen and Edmonds need to deliver. A win tonight would send us back to STL with momentum, so let’s go Cards!


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