Game 2 – Live Blog

Top of the 4th

6:25 PM (PST) – OK, finally home. It took me 45 mins to go 4 miles because it’s raining in LA. Angelenos can’t drive in the rain.  Let the live blogging begin.

I love how Eckstein runs hard to 1st base when he gets walked. He’s so Scrappy, he’s like Scrappy Doo. Except he’s not annoying like Scrappy Doo.

Woohoo – Eckstein steals and takes 3rd on LoDuca’s errant throw!

Dang – Duncan strikes out.  I hope he’s not falling victim to the pressure of being in the NLCS.

Thoughts on the game so far:  I’ve been watching via Gameday and then listening on the radio on the way home.  I got deja vu with Carp having a rocky 1st inning and then the Cards battling back in the top of the 2nd.  I still kind of thought we could have gotten another run or two once we had the bases loaded with nobody out, but I’ll take the 2 we got.  I love that Jimmy homered – we so need him to be hot right now. 

Bottom of the 4th

Mary (Haiku of the Week winner) – Could Tony pile any more Cardinal clothing on? Perhaps some accessories – a Cardinals tongue stud or nose ring?

Stylish glove flip by Belliard – not fast enough to get the double play with Reyes running. Two down.

Carp looks like he’s settling down a bit. Phew.

Top of the 5th

Bradford has such a strange delivery – practically dragging his knuckles on the ground. 

Nice hit by Jim, but he didn’t quite get enough of it. 

A 1-2-3 inning from the middle of our order – that’s, shall I say, sub-obtimal. 

Bottom of the 5th

Beltran grounds out to Albert. Like Toni Braxton, I can breathe again.

Home run Delgado.  Sigh.

Single by Green. I hate to say it, but I think we gotta get Carp out of there.  He’s Atlas, but he’s shrugging.  You can only carry the weight of a team for so long.

Valentin flies out.  2 down.

OK, nice finish to the inning by Carp. Chavez grounds out and we’re only down by 1. 

Top of the 6th

2 down, but a base hit by Molina.  J-Rod to pinch hit, so the Mets are making a pitching change.  I hope J-Rod does something creates some fodder for his blog

OK, nothing to blog about there – that at-bat was briefer than one of my haiku blog entries.

Bottom of the 6th

Hancock coms into the game. A walk to Reyes. I’d like to see him attempt to steal and challenge Molina.

Double for Lo Duca and Reyes scores.  FOX informs us that 16 innings of scoreless pitching for our bullpen comes to an end.

Flores comes in. Great play by Belliard! Makes up for previous error, which I wouldnt have dubbed an error. For a big guy, he’s really agile.

Top of the 7th

Nobody on base for Pujols again.  It’s disheartening. 

These commentators are being awfully hard on Albert. Dude is just waiting for his pitch. I hope his single shuts them up. Come on, Jimmy!

Edmonds gets walked.  Come on, Speizio!

Yes! Spiezio comes through with a 2-run triple.  It appears the umps made the ri

ght call, and that it wasn’t a home run.  Tie game.  La Genius made the right call in benching Rolen today.

Bottom of the 7th

No matter how this one ends (well, OK, it does matter), I like the way we’re battling back tonight. Quid Pro Quo all the way.

Jim Edmonds compared to Kelly Leek of The Bad News Bears? I don’t think so…but there was an interesting story about Jackie Earle Haley, the actor who played Kelly in the LA Times recently.

Top of the 8th

Heilman pitching. Single by Molina – his 3rd hit tonight!

Gutsy at-bat from Eckstein but he can’t quite finish it. 

Bottom of the 8th

Delivery guy’s here – Dinner break

Top of the 9th

Taguchi homers! I’ll have to admit I was questioning TLR when he replaced Duncan with Taguchi in the last inning.  I just am not sure that Taguchi is that solid of a defensive outfielder anymore, and I thought we’d have a better shot with Duncan batting in the 9th.  So that’s what TLR is the manager and I’m the blogger.  😉

Pujols doubles, with some smart base running.  Spiezio comes through again!  9 – 6 Cards!!

Bottom of the 9th

Johnson strikes out Delgado – nicely done. One away.

Great play by Rolen – diving catch and he gets him. Two away.

Ground out – That’s a winner!  It’s a huge win for the Cards – now we get to play 3 in STL. Time for me to relax with a frosty Busch – oh wait, they don’t sell Busch in LA.  Bud will have to do. 




    Were you watching the new Game Day or the traditional version. You can flip back and forth by clicking Gameday in the upper right. I guess I’m a traditionalist for the time being. Like the box score.


    ok i love the cardinals but my shawn green is playing against them.but i have to root for the cardinals.

  3. Julie

    Phil, I was watching the new one. I like the improved pitch placement and the info on the hitter’s past at-bats. Gameday in general stresses me out. It’s just too long of a wait when you see that “ball in play” message.

    Kaylee, I know how you feel – it’s like the 1-70 world series when my crush on George Brett interfered with my love for the Cards – but ya gotta root for the Cards!


    Does Duncan scare any of the rest of you???? I know he’s a first baseman, but jeez, didn’t Dad tell him to use 2 hands?

    Need another comeback.

  5. Julie

    agreed – he’s gotten better out there but he does scare me. I didn’t really think Belliard deserved that error – maybe for his throw but it was a tough stop.


    I’ve been packing and watching. My brother Bruce and I were in StL when Spiezio tripled with the bases loaded. I like that guy – imperial and all.

    Ok, there were 2 “acceptable” answers. The first Hall of Famer, Steve Carlton, although he had his best years with the Phils, YAY YADI!!!! Infamous might describe the second better – Ernie Broglio who was the main name in the trade that brought Lou Brock to the Cards!! Cubs fans still cry about that trade.


    I hope you didn’t have to leave the TV to eat!!

    Taguchi traded

    His stocking hat for a bat.

    BIG Home Run to left!

    Ok HOLD’em in the ninth!


    Spiezio and So
    Justify LaRussa’s moves

    Come-from-behind WIN!

    Julie – Great Job – thanks! It was fun watching the game this way. Brother Bruce and I are leaving tomorrow morning, playing golf if it’s nice and going to the game tomorrow night. (I wish I had a camera phone – I could send a picture from the park!) Sunday I fly to Florida for a week. It sure would be nice to win all 3 in St. Louis. We’ll see.


    Hey, I missed the first four innings tonight because I had to go see my alma-mater high school football team play, and it was also homecoming night. But I enjoyed the 45 minute trip home listening to the game on my XM radio. Come to think of it I didn’t enjoy that part of the game. It wasn’t until I got home in the top of the 7th that the action started. I think it was reassuring for me that we could win this game without solely depending on Carp. I loved how our guys stepped up to come from behind and win. tomorrow will be a brand new day, the series is tied 1-1, and we’ll be home. I really enjoyed reading your inning by inning descriptions and insights. GO REDBIRDS!!!!!

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