An NYC Tragedy

LidleI was shocked to hear of the plane crash in Manhattan today, especially considering we were so recently recounting our 9/11 remembrances here on mlb blogs.  I couldn’t help but think of Thurman Munson, who was a hero of mine when I was a kid playing catcher on my softball team.  My sympathy goes out to Cory’s family and the Yankee family. I can’t put it better than Derek Jeter did in this story:

Yankees captain Derek Jeter added in statement: "I am shocked by this
devastating news. Spending the last few months as Cory’s teammate, I
came to know him as a great man. While he was known as a baseball
player, he was, more importantly, a husband and father and, at a time
like this, I want to share my deepest sympathies with his wife Melanie,
his son Christopher and all those who know and loved him."


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    I hope this can be read by all Yankee fans…I am a Mets fan (have been all my life) but even though I wear the “blue & orange” I wanted to let all of the Yankees and the Yankee faithful know I stand with you at this time…even if Cory never played for the Mets I would still feel sad for Cory’s family, his teammates and you the Yankee fans. It doesn’t matter that he played in the Bronx and my team is in Flushing…Cory was a member of the New York Baseball family…I know I can speak for all Mets fans…we stand with you in your time of mourning and our hearts go out to his family, the Yankee team and you…their fans…Godspeed Cory…your on the mound of the BEST team in Heaven.

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