Art from Pond Scuum

Scum_art_2 I’m not a Mets hater.  As I mentioned before, I used to live in Woodside, Queens, just a couple 7 train stops from Shea.  But there was a time in the 80s, when I was in junior high, and the Cards had a big rivalry with the Keith Hernandez-era Mets, when I was known to join the chant "Mets are Pond ****."  I believe it was our Howard-Stern-Lite radio personality JC Corcoran who came up with this one, and I have to give him credit as it’s one of those chants that has stuck through the decades.  I am sure we will see some Pond **** signs in Busch during this series. Obviously, the Mets are not pond **** – they have the best record in the NL. Besides, there are no ponds in Queens that I know of.

While searching for a photo of a vintage "Mets are Pond ****" t-shirt, I found an article on "art made from pond ****".   
To describe the piece, the reporter wrote, "The dried ****, which looks a bit like a physical landscape map from
geography class, includes urban waste and snails that are woven into
the fabric of the material produced when the **** dried."  Interesting, yes, but does it match the sofa?

(Note to can we relax the censoring of the word scuum during this playoff series?)




    Being a Mets fan, I am not here to blast you in any way. I just wanted to point out a few errors…

    In doing some research it appears that it was radio jockey John Ulett that coined the phrase. At least that is what I am seeing as I check out some of the Cardinal blogs around the web.

    There are ponds in Queens. All over the place. Most people count a pond a body of water that has a surface area of less then 10 acres. By that and virtually every other definition of a “pond”, I can assure you that there are ponds everywhere in Queens. Having lived in Woodside, you should know of at least one… where did you think the name “Ally POND Park” came from?

    As far as the actual term “Pond Scuum”… I have to believe that the term comes from the fact that Shea, like all of Queens is built on a giant swamp.

    For a brief history/geography lesson… the whole section of land known as Long island (including Queens and Brooklynn) was formed as the ice age ended. Glaciers from the arctic and Canada were quickly moving south and had reached the area that is known as the Long Island Sound. The Ice Age ended and the glaciers started to retreat, leaving behing a massive amount of land that it pushed across the globe as it headed south. With the glaciers no longer pushing, that amount of land rested and settled and took shape. That is how Long Island and Queens was formed. Not having actual “land” beneath us is what made this place a literal swamp for a very long time.

    Sorry to go all “academic”, but I kinda got on a roll there.

    Here’s to a great series!

    Don’t hate us when Pujols has 15 walks in the series, as much as some may try to argue, you would do the same.


  2. Julie

    Hi William,

    Thanks for writing in. I guess I didn’t explore enough when I lived in Woodside – haven’t heard of Ally Pond. I’ll have to go pond hunting on my next visit. Interesting info on Queens being a swamp, too.

    I am fairly sure it was JC who coined “pond ****. He claims it in his book anyway –

    JC and John Ulett are broadcasting partners, so perhaps it was a team effort.

    I won’t blame you for walking Albert if you dont blame us for walking Beltran. He killed us in last years NLCS!

    Like you, I look forward to some great games!

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