Bring On the Mets!

CardswinWoohoo! Cards clinch the NLDS and avoid a trip back to San Diego.  Even though I had tickets for tomorrow’s game and was looking forward to my first game in Petco Park, I couldn’t be happier.  Obviously, momentum would have been against us if the Padres knotted the series today and went back home. 

I was so tense watching this game that I wished I had a rally towell to bite on.  The first inning was terrifying.  Carp walked in a run?? It just didn’t seem possible.  I began to wonder: is that Jason Marquis in Chris Carpenter’s uniform? I did feel relieved when we were only down by 2 runs after that shaky start, and even better when Belliard came through with a clutch hit to drive in 2 runs.  It was a new ballgame.

Carp was masterful through the next 5 innings.  He got some help from great defense, particularly Molina nailing Roberts on his attempt to steal.  And then we were able to break things wide open with a big 6th inning that began with Pujols walking.  Albert makes thing happen even when he’s not hitting.  The bullpen held the lead, even if Wainwright created a little drama by giving up 2 hits in the 9th.  It seems everyone contributed to this great win. 

Our Redbirds are playing like champions and seem to have forgetten their mediocre regular season record.  Players like Weaver, Spiezio, and Belliard, who I’ve been guilty of dismissing as "rejects from other teams", have come through big for us.  We have a lot of guys who haven’t been to the playoffs before, and they are playing like they don’t want to get off the ride before it ends in the World Series.  I know we’re big underdogs against the Mets, and I have great respect for their team. After all, I lived in Queens for a couple of years and used to root for them a bit. But, hey, if the Yankees can get eliminated in the first round…if our bullpen can give up 0 runs in these 4 games…and if So Taguchi can hit a homer yesterday, anything can happen!




    My brothers and I were in St. Louis for the Saturday game. That night, after a few Scotch on the rocks, we were headed back up to the hotel room and happened to be in the elevator with a guy wearing a NY Mets jacket. Since the Mets were winning 4-0 at the time, I made the comment that they seemed to have the game under control. The guy replied that he wouldn’t be too sure, and talked about the Mets pitching, or rather the lack of it. By the time we reached our hotel room it was 4 to 4 and the guy seemed clairvoyant. My prediction? Cards in 6!


    I am also a transplanted fan – A Mets fan living in St. Louis. I think it will be a great series, but the Mets will win in the end.


    What gives me the willies is the fact that Glavine will do what he has always done–nibble off the outside corner to RH hitters–to see how much the ump gives him. I’ve seen him get 3 to 5 inches (that overhead shot tells the truth about umps and corners), and if that is what happens, we’re sunk. I’ve watched so much of that **** that I’m ready for electronic beeps or some such, beaming up from the plate. That way, the ump would only have to guess about high and low. I’ll never forget the post-season game several years ago when Eric Gregg got excited about raising his right hand on pitches 6 inches off the plate. Oh well…


    Hey, have you seen what the tigers did to Zito tonight on the road at the A’s place. It certainly gives me confidence that we can do the same to Glavine tomorrow night. If we can do that, it’ll be a great start to the series. I think another big key is just like you said that we’ve got to get everybody in the action, Jimbo,Rolen,So,Belliard,Molina,Juan,and I hope we can see some explosive hitting out of Duncan like he did this year, and you know Ecstien will be great, I love his aggressiveness in everything he does on the field. I really enjoy your blog, and look forward to reading it after each of the games.



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