Out of the Shadows

Woohoo!  Cards win! The team that most thought shouldn’t be in the playoffs at all now takes a commanding lead in this division series.  And who would have predicted Weaver would lead the Cards in a shut-out victory?  He looked awesome, and the bullpen came through, too.  I wasn’t sure about Tony’s choice to take Johnson out when he was dominating in the 8th, but it worked out. Wainwright was steller in the 9th.  Not a ton of offense but Pujols and Edmonds came through when we needed them. 

One note of annoyance:  could Chris Berman be any more biased toward San Diego?  It’s been irritating watching him call these games as his voice raises several octaves anytime it looks like the Padres might score.  I checked his bio and it says he lives in CT so not sure why he’s behind the Padres. 

Here’s hoping Sup can finish things off on Saturday, and, if not, we know we’ve got Carp ready to go on Sunday.  I really hope I don’t get to use my Game 5 tickets. 



  1. brentroos@yahoo.com

    I hate Chris Berman!

    By the way, how many times did he say that the Cardinals and Padres played yesterday, not Tuesday?

    Yeah, Berman seems to be a Cardinal hater, but it always seems like that on ESPN and sometimes Fox -especially from McCarver (go figure, right?).

    As much as Costas irritates me, at least he is a Cardinals fan! Too bad he is with NBC.

    St. Louis is looking great, and as I always say, whatever happened during the season is meaningless in the playoffs (with exception to homefield advantage).

    We’re up here in P-town (that’s Peoria, IL if you don’t know) rooting for the Redbirds, and loving every minute of it!

    Nice blog Cardinal Girl.

    Brent Roos


  2. phil_lindsey@sbcglobal.net

    I’ll drink to that – you not getting to use Game 5 tickets, and me not getting to use Game 4! I am going tomorrow though – with 2 of my brothers. Estimated time of Departure 6:00 central tonight.

    and I agree with you about Wainwright. Stellar!

  3. phil_lindsey@sbcglobal.net

    I couldn’t resist:

    Stellar Stellar Ninth

    Wainwright kept them in the Dark

    High Fives all around!

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