Insights from the Locker Room Celebration

PujolstlrWell, what can we glean from the Cardinal comments in their locker room celebration, as they squinted through the sting of champagne in their eyes?  First off, I learned that nobody seems to like talking to Rich Gould.  The poor Channel 11 reporter was completely ignored by Juan Encarnacion, and I don’t think it was an english-as-a-second language issue.  When asked what he thought of TLR’s decision to pitch Reyes instead of Carp, Rolen clearly bit his tongue and said "well, it worked out."  Eckstein looked a little dazed and kept running his hand through his hair as if the champagne was causing some allergic reaction.  Belliard was excited as it’s a new experience for him. Yadi was completely incoherent.  Carp looked ready to go.  There was more emotion and excitement than I expected from a team who "backed in" to the division win.  TLR even smiled before disappearing.  Speizio talked about the playoffs being a clean start, a fresh slate, a tabula rasa, if you will (OK, he didn’t say that). 

I think this team might surprise a few people in the playoffs.  What we lack in healthy (mentally and physically) talent, we can make up for with heart and experience.  We showed signs of determination and spark in this final week, and we’ll need to show a lot more against the Padres.  I’ve got tickets to see Game 5 in San Diego, but, hey, Cardinals, feel free to wrap things up quicker. 


One comment


    Cardinal Girl…you’re the greatest Cardinal fan, bar none. Your insight into the game is unparelleled. Your insight into Jim Edmonds’ hair…uh…what’s up with that?…although he could have a mohawk for all I care -if he steps up. Look for Albert and Scott to live up to their all star billing. And, in a short series, as you say, with Carp pitching at least twice ( if not every day as you wish), anything is possible.

    Some Okie haiku:

    The Cards win in four

    The Sooners by a touchdown

    All the world is right

    Go Cardinals!

    Boomer Sooner!


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