Controlling our Destiny

Well, it sure would have been nice if the Braves could have beaten the Astros tonight, but the Astros keep hanging around, like a bad summer cold.  I hate that we have to send Carpenter to the mound tomorrow but I know he gives us our best chance to win, and there’s no sense worrying about the playoffs until you actually get to the playoffs.  These past two games have given me some hope that we might actually do something in the playoffs if we do make it.  The starting pitching from Weaver and Suppan was solid and there’s been some clutch relieving particularly from young Mr. Wainwright.  And Preston Wilson sure seems determined to keep the team that cast him aside out of the post-season!




    I meant to tell you that I loved the way you used player jersey numbers to count down the magic number. Very cool. Good luck today, I just told ‘Stros Bro this is driving everyone crazy! My article about it (explaining all the scenarios) on front of right now had me writing several provisional ledes late in that game — maybe the field is set, maybe it’s not, etc. I live for this!


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