Hey, Umps…We Can Beat Ourselves, We Don’t Need Your  Help

Well, I’m in LA and was camping on the beach this weekend instead of watching this miserable Astros series.  The boys formerly in rainbows just manage to be the bane of our existence every year.  I still think we’ll pull off the division win, but we’re sure doing our best to make it tense.  And how far can we expect to go in the playoffs with this pitching? Izzy haters, don’t you want him back just a little bit after watching this bullpen blow these games? 

I did watch tonight’s game and I was incensed by the blown call.  Biggio clearly darted outside the baseline to avoid Belliard’s tag.  A double play would have ended the innning but with the blown call, the inning was extended long enough for Huff to hit the 3-run-homer.  I really wish baseball would start using instant replay. 

The good news is the Astros now have to go on the road and play the hot Phillies, so hopefully we can get back on track and close this division out. 


One comment

  1. dlehmann2@earthlink.net

    Yes, while that was a terribly lousy call, I must say that Biggio should never have been on base to begin with. Come on Cards!!! Let’s start playing like we want to win this!

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